About Us


Gourmet Mexican food in Danville, California.


MexCal Mexican Bistro and Bar is located in the heart of downtown Danville. It has established itself as a favorite amongst the locals. Offering the finest dishes from the color states of Mexico,  we carefully  select local, organic and sustainable ingredients. From freshly hand made tortillas to home mixed juices for the perfect margaritas, we bring you the finest dishes from Mexico to California.


All dishes are cooked in a health-conscious style, with olive oil instead of lard, and the menu offers more than just burritos and tacos like a standard taqueria. The Cochinita Pibil is an appetizing treat, with tender, juicy marinated pork that cooks to perfection overnight, and the Enchiladas MexCal put a unique twist on standard enchiladas, with mole sauces from both Mexico and California, combining the best of both cultures.


We offer organic tequilas and specialty margarita juices, like cactus flower, fresh agave nectar, and spicy roasted jalapeños, making everything on their menu personalized and hand selected. Add handmade guacamole with fresh avocados and authentic salsas, and MexCal stands on its own as a delicious, enjoyable Mexican restaurant that will leave you wanting more.

Happy Hour

All our margaritas are made with 100% blue agave tequilas, fresh lime juice & our unique homemade sweet & sour. Our margaritas are made on the rocks & with salt. With a very expanded high-end tequila selection list, you will just love them!